Looking to declutter your ENTIRE home with small, realistic tasks?

Has decluttering your home been on your to-do list FOREVER?

Overwhelmed by all the steps it takes to even get started?

Maybe you're embarrassed by the mess.

There's hope. You don't have to keep struggling.


Or, like this...

Get the Happy Simple Home + FREE Bonuses Today!

Happy Simple Home with free bonuses
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  • Imagine waking up in the morning to a sink clear of any dishes and enjoying your morning at a cleaned off kitchen table (without having to move any books or piles of paper first).
  • Imagine being able to quickly find the exact outfit you want to wear for the day, as your closet only has your absolute favorite clothes in it.
  • Then, you make it out the door on time, as your keys are hanging on their designated hook, right by the door.
  • Finally, when you come home from your day, you bring in the mail and know exactly where to put it and have a system for working through it. No more piles!
  • You find you are spending your weekends doing more things you love, rather than tidying up the house.
  • Your home has SPACE, and you have fallen in love with it all over again.
Happy Simple Home on a tablet

The Happy Simple Home Bundle has everything you need to MAKE THIS DREAM a reality, friend!

What's in the Happy Simple Home Bundle?

  • Get the Happy Simple Home ebook (65 page PDF) with all the tools and encouragement you need to declutter your home.
  • There are over 20 combined checklists and worksheets to help you work through any room in your home.
  • No more generic checklists you can grab anywhere on the internet. These checklists tell you exactly where to start in your home and what items to tackle in each room.
  • Identify exactly what kind of clutter is entering your home and how to stop it.

No time to declutter? I got you.

  • As a bonus, you also get the Making Time to Declutter Planning Sheets.
  • Use these planning sheets to carve out time from your busy day, and finally achieve your dream of a clutter-free home.

Want even more motivation?

  • You also get the 100 Items Challenge Tracker, a visual tracking tool you can use to actually see the progress you are making.
  • Stick it on the fridge, and get your family involved with this fun challenge too!
dining room before
Dining room after


  • How to declutter nearly every room, with over 20 detailed checklists specific to those spaces
  • Tips on how to manage clutter in a home with kids or family members (in a realistic way)
  • Learn how to work through the emotions associated with decluttering
  • Move at your own pace
  • Learn what to do with all the stuff after decluttering
  • Tips on how to maintain a clutter-free home 
  • Works for any size home: large homes, small homes, and apartments 
  • Completely shift your mindset when it comes to maintaining a home

The struggle is real, but it is not impossible...

guest room before
guest room after

Everything you need to FINALLY declutter your home!

Happy Simple Home Book Spread

Happy Simple Home: A 60+ page ebook, which includes: insightful worksheets, over 20 decluttering checklists for every space in your home, and clutter-free strategies to help you keep your home decluttered! $27 Value


BONUS: Making Time for Decluttering Planning Sheets Decluttering doesn't have to be something you put off until "someday". Make a plan and see progress immediately with the help of these planning sheets. $14 Value

BONUS: 100 Items to Declutter Challenge Tracking Sheet Turn decluttering into a fun challenge and track your progress. $6 Value

100 Items Challenge Tracker

You deserve to be proud of your home!

Happy Simple Home with free bonuses

"I have tried for years to get organized and reduce the clutter in my home. This is a realistic approach to dealing with a lifetime of accumulation. Not only does it address the guilt of letting go of possessions which no longer serve you, it also helps you rethink the items you bring into your home in the first place. Broken down into bite-size chunks, this is a system anyone with the will to reclaim their home can implement."


"I felt like my life was falling behind a little because of these sections in my house. I could not keep up or get around to organizing in a successful way. My husband and I don’t argue about these areas anymore!"


Drowning under all your stuff isn't a fun way to live.

Hi! I'm Brooke, founder of Happy Simple Mom. I'm on a mission to help others live a simple, clutter-free life.

Happy Simple Mom, Brooke

My home used to be a disaster, ALL. THE. TIME.

I would rush to clean up before guests came over, but I was still embarrassed by all the clutter that remained.

I was spending money on things I didn't need, but I didn't know how to stop those bad habits.

Then, I discovered doing something as simple as clearing out a few bags of clutter from our home could transform how I felt. I had room to breathe.

That's when I poured my heart and soul into decluttering our home and then everything about my life. It was life-changing.

Let's find the home and life you love under all the excess. You deserve it!


1. Can't I just learn this stuff for free somewhere?

Probably....if you have the extra time.

What you won't get, if you go the DIY route, are the time-saving and effective strategies I teach you from page one.

You also won't learn from all of my many, many mistakes when I was trying to figure it all out.

Save yourself the headache, and make the progress you so desperately want.

2. Will you mail me anything?

No. This is a digital product. Everything will be available for immediate download.

I love paper. If you love paper, feel free to print out the entire ebook or any of the resources.

There's power in adding a giant checkmark to a finished task!

3. You want $27 for a book...online. Is it worth it?

Yes!! Think of if more like a course, rather than a book.

I've read every single decluttering, minimalism, and simple living book I can get my hands on.

I recognized something was missing in the decluttering world, what I call "minimalism for normal people".

There are people out there, like me, who want to live simply. However, they also like having a home that looks "lived in", not sterile.

Maybe you want to have stuff, you just don't want to continue drowning in it. Sometimes, you just want to remember what your kitchen countertops looked like! I got you.

I'll teach you to declutter and love your home. If you follow through on the strategies listed, you will see amazing results.

If the Happy Simple Home doesn't live up to your expectations, just email me at brooke@happysimplemom.com within 30 days of your purchase, and I'll gladly give you a refund.

I proudly stand behind this product, and I know, if you follow the system outlined, you will discover a new, lighter way of living.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Learn all the best strategies to clear clutter from your home.

Squash these thoughts and concerns with the help of the Happy Simple Home Decluttering Bundle!

  • What if I need it "just in case"?
  • How can I let this go? It was passed down to me.
  • This item cost a lot of money. It would be a waste to simply let it go.
  • I'm too overwhelmed to start.
  • I don't have time to declutter.

Don't give up on yourself...

  • Get the strategies you need to stop clutter from entering your home.
  • Recognize what clutter is costing you in both money and time.
  • Save money on a storage unit and gain back unused space in your home.
  • Break the cycle of clutter with your children.
  • Create space to breathe and enjoy your home in new ways.
Happy Simple Home with free bonuses